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Hey guys,
so yeah I decided to start this and post the progress of my drift build, I wanted initially an E46 330 Black Coupe Manual and I got exactly that but I’m unsure if I made the right decision with the car as it looks it’s been too abused.
Anyway I was tired of just looking and waiting for the right one to appear online so I spent $3200 and got this salvage 5 speed manual with 9 owners and few accidents.
It runs and drives, 152k miles and is my daily the past week. Haven’t done nothing yet, not even oil-filter and fluids as I’m working a lot and will do some stuff in the weekend.
ordered from FCP Euro some stuff and will update you soon!

Something strange about the car is that on my strut tower the vin number is different than the original one on windshield and door but it doesn’t look like it’s been replaced, or they did a great job. I paid for a pre purchase inspection as I’m not the best in mechanics and the shop told me the car needs a crankshaft seal rear $1k job, a diff flex joint, diff cover gasket $600 and tranny service.
I scanned the car and got a P1447 so might have a fuel vacuum issue, also a P2096(Post catalyst Fuel Trim System Too Lean Bank 1), a P0174 System too Lean bank 2 and P0172 System too rich bank 1.

The first thing I’m doing is changing the wheels because the turning radius sucks, it’s too low and the wheels rub when it turn in a big angle.
Secondly I wait tomorrow from FCP some NGK spark plugs, diff fluid, Rein radiator hoses, Rein expansion tank, A/C belt and Accesory belt, collant antifreeze, liqui Molly 5w40 and mann filter, manual transmission fluid 75w80 and dot 4 super brake fluid.

I want to also buy a radiator, water pump, electric fan, 3.46 weld differential, FA 500 coilovers, slr angle kit, bucket seats and harnesses and I’m doing my research right now.

Thanks for reading and I hope I don’t regret building on this hahaha, have a good one!
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