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Thought Id would post up about my car, bare with me theres alot LOL

The love started way back from the 1st Performance BMW Magazine, with the feature car owned by DonDon. (not sure if hes still about these E46 forums?)

I fell in love with this car...so had to have a E36.

Although not a big fan of verts I got myself a coupe, I bought the car back in August 2004 looking like this....

1997 328I Coupe
Climate control
Complete boggo :shock:

Even though I thought it was the dogs nadders, I had bought parts for it before I actually even had the car :D

Modding phase begins...Part 1

I didnt want to go down the M3 style look so kept it pretty much boggo at first, then the Hartge theme came into effect.

Hartge Badges
CCFLs (I thought there were the best thing ever at the time since noone in my neck of the woods had them lol)
Silvertec Bulb allround
BMW Number place surrounds
Private plate, Full German stylee
Blackout Grilles

A member on the forum was selling his car along with Genuine Hartge rims so I snapped them up :)

I decided to colour code the kidney grilles as I wasnt feeling the blacked out look


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Modding phase | Part 2

I started messing around on Photoshop and trying to decide what to do with the car next and ended up with this...

Front Lip
Folding mirrors
Colour coded

So placed a few orders :)

-Hartge Front Lip
-Hartge Rear Adjustable Spoiler
-E46/M5 Style electric fold up mirrors
-M-tech Door mouldings
-BMW Motorsport moulding badges

Parts arrived: :twisted:

I dropped the car off at a friends bodyshop.

Wanted the all these painted and colour coded:

-Front lip
-All mouldings
-Front bottom bumper grille
-Door mirrors
-Door handles

Was rolling around in this for afew days :stickoutt

I got the car back from bodyshop....totally transformed the car :alright


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Modding phase | Part 3

After having the outside done I was happy, but she needed a suspension overhaul and engine needed a little modding!

awhole bunch of suspension parts:

Engine mods

- M50 Inlet manifold
- Big Bore Throttle Body Conversion
- Gruppe M Rep

Suspension/chassis mods

- Eibach Pro springs
- Koni Adjustable dampers
- Front Upper Shock Mount Re-inforcement Plate
- Front Upper Shock Mount Gasket
- Rear Shock Mounts Gasket
- Z3 Rear Shock Mounts Re-inforcement plate
- Front Upper Shock Mount (including bearing)
- E46 Rear Shock Mounts
- Mtech Bumpstops
- X-Brace

Decided to paint the calipers blue to match with the Hartge colour theme :)

Everything went on and completely changed the way the car sounded, revved up the range and gripped the road. Felt alot more planted :)

Hartge door moulding badges, spot on!


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Modding phase | Part 4
After doing most of the outside of the car it was time to started the inside and keeping to the Hartge theme.

In standard state:

Order some bits and pieces and all were fitted:

- Hartge Aluminium Gearknob
- Hartge Aluminium Handbrake
- Hartge Pedals
- Hartge Footrest
- Hartge Steering Wheel Badge
- Hartge Glovebox decal
- Hartge Tax Disc Holder - Custom made with D12RFT.Net and UberBMW.Net text.
- Hartge Custom Mats
- Hartge Dial Decals
- Chrome Dial Surrounds

Next up was a
- Honda S2000 Push start button:

Then ordered a:
- Z3 Short shift


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Modding phase | Part 5 | In-Car Entertainment

After owning the car for over a year and with a cassette player, it was time to get some tunes pumpin' 8)

I wanted to stick with one brand and always liked the Alpine range. I heard a friends Alpine Type-R range of speakers and sounded pretty decent. But I just went all out and bought awhole lot of Type-X stuff lol

Messed around with the install on Excel to how I wanted everything to be in the car

I had the Amps still boxed and everything before I even got the car lol

Equipment bought:

- Alpine IVA-D310R Screen
- Alpine H701 Sound Processor
CD / MP3:
- Alpine ChaS634 6 Disc CD/MP3 Changer
- Alpine SPX-137R Speakers - front
- Alpine SPX-107R Speakers - rear
- Alpine 12" SWX-1242D Subwoofer
- Alpine MRD-F540 4-Channel Amplifer
- Alpine MRD-M1001 Mono Amplifer
- Alpine RUE-4191 Remote
- Alpine RUX-4180 Bass Controller

Cables / Accessories:

- Inline Voodoo Fuse holder 120 amp Fuse/ LED Read out
- Voodoo Splitter LED Readout
- 0 Gauge Power and Earth Cables
- 4 Gauge Power and Earth Cables
- 2 x Dizzy Block (Power/Earth)
- KnuKonceptz Triple shield RCA Cables x 3
- Remote Cable
- 8 Gauge Speaker Cable
- 12 Gauge Speaker Cable
- 4 Cold Cathode Neons
- Alpine acrylic lettering

I decided to just fill the boot with ICE as I wont be having anything else in there.
In went alot of....
Sound deadening....

Dynamat Extreme Bulk - boot filled with the stuff...

Loads of wires...looking like a mess :x

Before fitting parts in, I decided to upgrade the battery for a new Bosch silver

After lots of cutting and testing...
Used 9mm (Sub panel) and 18mm MDF (False Floor)

Installed all the speakers, screen and sound processor. Also created panel in the passenger side footwell to place my Crossovers, covered in Alpine perspex.

Spent abit of time trying and testing the floor and sub panel, once all fitted and double checked I trimmed it up in alcantara type material.
Everything went in fine, only two parts needed modding. One was the door trims to fit in the new tweeters and the rear Nokia speakers to fit in the new Type-Xs.

Also retrimmed the toolbox in the same material.

Everything fitted, tested and double checked. Neons installed in boot and in footwells. :D

EQ and Bass controller knob fitted


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Modding phase | Part 7 | Suspension/Brakes

Since having Eibach and Boge suspension it still wasn't low enough for me, arch gap was seriously doing my head in lol
So more mods were in order. I decided since the car will be in bits, might aswell replace other suspension/brake parts.

This how may mods sat and built up for a few weeks :yikes:


- FK Coilovers

- Wishbones with Ball joints
- Suspension Mtech Bumpstops
- Track Rod Ends
- Tie Rods - Both Side
- Control Arm Bushes

- Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Bushes

Brakes / Clutch

- Front Brake Pad Wear Sensor
- Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor

- Handbrake cable
- Bowden Cable
- Repair Kit Springs

I felt the 2.8 brakes were quite poo so upgraded to E46 (bigger than E36 M3s :). Bought a set of calipers/carriers off ebay

- E46 330 Calipers & Carriers
- E36 M3 Master Cylinder
- E36 M3 Reservoir

- Black Diamond Grooved Discs All-round
- Black Diamond Predator Pads All-round

- UUC Stainless Steel Brake Lines / Goodrich

I had a slight problem with the rear lines and didnt fit properly, PM to Ben @ Chromeline-design.com (who I bought alot these bits and piece from) :) he sorted me out some Goodrich ones

- Short shift Kit:
ERK (effort reducing kit) and a DSSR (double sheer selector rod)

- Delrin Carrier Bushes
- Clutch Arm Bushes
- UUC Big Boy Clutch Stop
- UUC Tranny Mounts/Enforcers

- UUC Underdriven Pullies

- Fan Delete Kit - from Understeer.com
- Thermostat and water pump
- 2 x Redline Waterwetter
- 2 x ATE Blue Dot 5.1 Brake Fluid
- Steering Lock Stop

Everything was fitted recently, handling as yet changed again, was shocked how well it handled although going coilovers you can feel the tarmac through the steering wheel.
Engine revs up more freely with the underdriven pullies, the short shift is awesome (everyone has to do this mod!)
Still bedding the new brakes in but they feel alot more responsive than before and look better behind the 18s :D

Decked :pimpin:
Speed bumps are my new best friend

Eisenmann Quad exhaust with soundpipes and Race level sound.


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Mini Update

I decided to sell some parts to make way for other bits and pieces. I felt things needed a change so sold a couple of bits.

Sold Parts:
E46/M5 Electric Mirrors
Boge Springs
Koni Adjustable Dampers
Fog lights

Also my ICE is pretty much stripped out now

Sold ICE Parts:
Alpine IVA-D310R Headunit/screen
Alpine remotes
Alpine SPX-137R front speakers

Abit of a photoshoot:


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Smoothed Update v2

Ok so I bought afew bits and got rid of afew bits.
Decided I wanted to do something different to the car and have it smoother looking so the below happened:

- Fogs gone for Blank plates
- Smoothed off the bonnet badge
- No more windscreen nozzles!
- E46/M5 mirrors replaced with M3 ones
- Painted roof BMW met black
- Carbon Fibre roof spoiler fitted
- No more plate (will stay in the window till I see Mr Oink Oink)

Next up the centre of the rims will be redone - black powder coated :)

Theres a CarBra somewhere here.....not a permanent thing....its a euro thing.. :str8pimpi LOL

enjoy: :)

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