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Here is my solution to the DSC/ABS/brake warning light issue.

It began with the DSC/ABS/brake warning lights suddenly turning on, along with the speedometer and mileage counter not working. And the ABS rattle in the brake pedal would come on at low speeds.
After doing some online research, I decided to swap the rear left ABS sensor with a new one. Mounting the new sensor took care of the DSC/ABS/brake lights, but left my speedometer and mileage counter still out of business...

Which led to a brief encounter with the law. I had of course seen them trailing me for a while, but I really thought I was going the limit or below. Apparently I was a bit over. I chose not to mention the faulty equipment in my conversation with the officer, and he let me off with a few cautionary words. Anyway....

After reading this I agreed that the problem could be due to the sensor sitting too close to the ABS reluctor ring on the axle. With nothing to lose, I cut a spacer from a piece of semi-hard plastic, to sit between the sensor and the mounting surface, which had deteriorated somewhat from rust. My reasoning was that the rust had eaten away at the surface, and the sensor had moved too close to the ABS ring. I smeared grease on the mounting surface to seal the edges from grime before tightening the screw.

I've been driving it every day for a good while, and the issue has not reoccurred.

Before doing any of this, I foolishly tried resetting my gauge cluster with the fuses. It didn't fix the problem, but I lost all the information in the small digital display that shows the clock etc. I used to have MPG and other info, but now I only have a row of blanks. Pressing the OBC button to toggle does nothing. So if anyone knows how to get this info to display again, I'd be grateful.
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