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Currently owning e30 coupe, e34 sedan, e46 330ci and just imported 04 e46 m3 individual
e30 and e34 are waiting restoration, guess e30 will be restomod because engine is pretty much done. It is m40b16, so will swap it for m5x series engine.

E34 is 520i sedan with just over 200 000 km on the original clock. It needs some bodywork and paint, but the car runs and drives.

E46 330ci is my02, bought it in 2011, did all the maintenence, reinforced rear end and did auto to 6 speed manual swap.
I am currently looking for zhp/mtech bumpers for this one. 230 000km on the clock


Just imported my04 M3, got the paprers sorted out and registerd the car. It is cuope, individual, rhd. Planning on
swaping it to lhd and manual. 110 000 miles on the clock

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