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Must See, Riced Out Bimmer E36

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Must See, Riced Out Bimmer E36~~Fixed

I don't know what he was thinking... if he kept the rear lights the way they are... kept the hood painted yellow instead of black... or at least get a real CF one.... no wide fenders.... i think it would look good :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

just felt sad he wasted a complete full bumper Hamann kit:ben:
also he actually supercharged a 3.18 to a whooping 210 HP~~~ watch out 330 owners:yikes:

but what ever floats his boat.......:confused:
:wtf: is this???
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u need a user name and password to veiw it... maybe just save and post the pics over here
ops sorry lemme try this again
ROFL OMG so much to say so little time
that guy owned a honda in a past life
Sorry forgot to include what the owner has to say:

"It is a 1998 318is Supercharged. Downing Atlanta supercharger, much like Jackson Racing one. Approximately 210 HP. 5spd. Over 10 thousand in body work alone. Hamman Style Kit, Custom Fender Flares, Nissan R33 Skyline Lights, Ferrari Modena Yellow. Apr Wing, Carbon Hood, PIAA lights, clear corners, exhaust, intake, sway bars, strut bars, H&R Touring Car coilover setup, 18 Inch OZ rims with almost new tires, cross drilled rotors, carbon pads, phoenix gold zx475ti amp, 2 phoenix gold 12 inch subds, MB quart QM series mids, Alpine CVA 1005 lcd display and head unit, 3 extra lcds, dvd player, nintendo game cube, Momo seats, sparco harnesses, auto meter gauges, more.. i'm sure i'm forgetting stuff. Over 35000$ in extras total, plus paid 43000$ for car new, about 80,000$ invested total. Car only has about 50,000km on it. The paint is new, and the car was just trailered once to Importfest, never drove with that paint. I was in process of doing interior out of fiberglass/carbon fiber, but now I must sell, need money for an investment, the two rear panels are done with custom molded lcds, the rest is still in stock condition, but this could be negotiated, 30,000$ OBO" <== CDN
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someone buy that and save it... get rid of the wing, tail lights, paint the hood and put on some 19inch WIDE meat, that could be cool
Why would you put time to make something ugly?
CtrlAltDel said:
that guy owned a honda in a past life
Notice the other cars in the show around him??

Someone needs to tell the dude to get spacers for his wheels!!
noBenz said:
$80,000... WTF was he thinkin?
I think that's in Canadian dollars, but still! Notice his Canadian license plate
By the looks of it, that car is in the SkyDome Toronto. Most likely during ImportFest a few months back. And it looks to be $37,900 not 87 but if it is then wtffffffff is right..
23wt said:
...plus paid 43000$ for car new...
he paid $43,000 for a 98 318i? WTF??? my 01 325Ci cost 34k....maybe he'll be interested in the brooklyn bridge....hahah, what a phuckin idiot.

btw, that kit sucks hamann "style" kit meaning its not real and the wheels dont even fill the fenders, what a peice of Shiit! :thumbdwn:

That car isnt that bad. The back needs to be toned down but it really has a ton of potential...:dunno:
That car should be pushed into a lake and left to rott!
I like the classy widebody kit with wheels that aren't wide enough. That reeks of class........or at least something that rhymes with class. This should be going up on The BMW nightmare page
Not Pretty At All!!! That is one ruined BMW
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