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Mulholland Hwy Danger!!!!

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Hey guys just got back from mulholland hwy. My friend who got there first was waiting for me on the side of the road. A cop pulled by and put the lights on him. They were super paranoid and defensive. They were interogating my friend and his passenger about weapons, drugs, all sorts of stuff. They asked why they were there and who they were waiting for. They also searched his car. They gave him a illegal parking ticket eventhough he had his engine on, lights on, with hazards. WHich is all just BS. They even had back up come by. They said that that they know a lot of people come up to these mountains to drive and they are tired of it, so they are enforcing there more now. My friend beeped me on the nextel warning me about the cops before i got there, and as soon as he told me, a cop passed me. The cops were looking for me and my other friend who was driving an audi, hoping to give us problems too.They are patrolling all the entrance to the canyon roads. Geez. They are crazy now. Anyways, we just drove there and back, speed limit, but it was a nice night for a pleasent drive. Anyways, i must warn everyone and hope every be careful up there. Its too bad since Mulholland is such a nice road to drive. Damn those cops. They werent CHP. They were LA county sheriffs. :flipoff: :flipoff: :ben: :thumbdwn:
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For those of you who dont know where Mulholland is, check out this link


DAMN that sounds pretty fun!!! hey!!! when is Gumball 3000 2003?!!
damn that sucks.. i almost went there last night..
theres also the mulholland at pinks hotdog which consists of grilled onions, mushroom, bacon, and topped with cheese.
yep, thoes roads are mighty fine........ We should organize a meet to go there some time.
whattt? i never thought of the day that cops would come and invade mullhulland! :-/
i dunno man, me neither. I drove through mulholland last night at limits anyways. Didnt see anyone, but didnt want to risk anything. My friend said that the cop came FROM mulholland, and that he was patrolling. Geez. All the cops we saw were on PCH, roaming around all the entries to the canyon roads. damn them... go eat donuts or something.:flipoff:
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