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Good Day My Fellow Fanatics,

I hope this post finds you well and does not violate any community guidelines. Any admins/moderators, please message me if this post does. It is not my intention.

Many of you may know or may have come by my company, Chaos Calibrations. As a member of the community here, on facebook, discord and my own personal 400+whp 330cic, I often rather push advice and help (when my patience allows haha) rather than push my companies services, as I don't find these areas to usually be that place.

For a while now, my company has offered some of the most in depth calibrations for MS45 cars. This includes vehicles with the production of 03/2003+ and ZHPs. We have been the first to come out a with a full feature list unlike any other company before (MORE Features to come) along with our performance and forced induction tunes. For over a year now we have been asked quite often if we had any EWS Delete solution, well, it is only right that, we finally do!

We aim to provide the best service possible and the best and fairest price we can. As we launch our EWS Delete, we will be having a 25% off beta launch deal. Till September 1, 2021. You''ll be able to pick up your EWS Delete for just $150.

We also now support this for ME7.2 equipped vehicles. These are vehicles equipped with M62TUB35/B44 VANOS engines. Your E39 535i/540i, E38 735i/740i, E53 X5 4.4L. Tune packages will be out soon.

Please feel free to visit the website here: www.chaoscalibrations.com

I often get that, a customer has been looking for an"MS45 Guru" for a while now. We are EXTREMELY proud of being able to fill this niche and finally provide a helpful service.

I hope this post finds everyone well and hopefully will bring notice to those that may have been searching for this service for a while now.

Your fellow fanatic,
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