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Does anyone know if the charcoal canisters between a 323 and a 330 would have the same connections? (Not electrical connections) I know that the 330 uses a DMTL pump which the 323 does not, and I'm trying to add this to my car.

I have a 323 with a b30 swap and I did the ms43 swap too, the only thing I need is the evap system to work before I can get it BAR approved.

I just want to see if I am going to have to get a whole fuel tank and filler neck or if I can just replace the charcoal canister and wire in the DMTL pump.

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I know this is a year old but did you figure it out? To force evap system to be ready change these parameters:

---Config Switches---
c_conf_dmtl = 1

c_cur_dmtl_ref_leak_min = 0 mA
c_r_dmtl = 0 ohms
c_vb_dmtl_asa_min = 0 volts
c_vb_dmtl_min = 0 volts

---DTC Suppression---
c_abc_inc_dmtl = 0
c_abc_inc_vdmtl = 0
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