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Hello all, I need the blue and red google docs spreadsheets for MS42 to MS43 but all the links are dead in the old posts. Trying to run an S52 with MS43 in an MS42 equipped car.

I have the MDK to EDK (throttle body) and throttle pedal pinouts figured out but other than those are there any pins that I need to swap? On X60001 I know I have to pull the extra 12v, X60002 and X60005 are the same, but I keep reading that X60003/4 need pins moved around, but the only thing I know about that for sure is that I will need to add pins for the throttle pedal. And the MS4x website diagrams for MS42 and MS43 are confusing to read between for me right now.

Car also has a BorgWarner S366 so no EGR or any of that other boring secondary air pump crap to worry about.
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