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M3911t said:
hey guys here we go finally we cna be like those guys out there with the nice angel eyes cuz MINE SUCK...ok after doign alot of research...i foudn a guy here in Los Angeles who can get me these blubs for a great price. they are the Oshio ones that Mac Fly i beleive used

MSRP on them is like 19 and they go for 18 on that site BUT they dont ahve any in and wont be getting any in anytime soon. THe place that i found can get me each bulb for 14.95 which is damn good deal imo. The only thing is that i has to order a case and each case has 10 in it...so in order to order then case i have to assure him that tehre will be 4 people other then me that will buy the bulbs. This is a great deal and i know alot of people want the bulbs incliding me...if ur in LA i can give u his number abd u can talk directly to him and if ur not here in LA you call him and arrange shipping. For those who are interesested please email me at [email protected] or post a reply.
As of right now 1(me) down, 4 to go.
P.s. im posting it in the general board cuz everyone who looks for DDE info and fix it problems looks in this board and this is not a for sale ad.

:pimpin: :pimpin:
I dropped u an email.
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