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MpoweredM: New camera + New Wheels = No 56k...

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wow. nice dude.hella clean. what kind of suspension are you on KWv2?
Thanks for the comments everyone. This was a much needed photoshoot! For all the shots I used my new 1dmk3, and my 24-70 L. I'm running kw V1 suspension. Also, as mentioned above, these are Linea Corsa L22s. Yes, I'm extremely indecisive and change my mind quite often when it comes to cars. :rofl: It's a curse. But I love it.
I love it.. nice work Curtis, and baller camera
love it curtis... good ish :bow:
:yikes:Holy smoking, that's HOT!! :bow::bow:
:thanks: for the comments!
:excited: Car looks hawt and great pics. :drool:
Killer camera :drool:
omggg thats hottttt. that thing is so lowwww
Thanks for the comments, all. :woot: I'm actually very happy with how the pictures turned out. Also, luckily I was able to make it out for one last photoshoot prior to all of the leaves falling off of the trees! I was able to catch those fall colors!

Is that Jess driving the car? lol. I always thought she was taller.

Looks great Curtis...nice shots.

PS...you're very indecisive.. haha
What made you think she was taller? or shorter? I thought you had seen my DC pictures with us together.
Nice shots curtis, cars looking clean :drool:
I don't like the wheels. Had to say it...

I do like the rest of the car and the photography!
sick photography but the wheels look really weird to me... weird spoke design (doesnt flow with the 335 design at all imo) and they look really small because of the step lip... just my opinion of course. the finish and the red cap def do match with your paint/tails tho, which is cool
21 - 40 of 51 Posts
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