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sorry about flooding the forums with a bunch of simple questions, but i just have a couple more (that is, until the next time i get curious and ask more questions).

my 325i has the face-lifted look. ie. differently shaped headlamp covers, kidney grille, and hood rake. do the aftermarket angel eyes fit this car? i don't think the light assemblies behind the covers are any different from the pre-facelift model. also, the kidney grille is shaped differently. does anyone make a grille blackout kit to fit this?

also, i have a euro-spec engine - all bmws shipped to the philippines are european spec. will the shark injector or dinan mods work for my car? if not, what can you guys recommend? i know racing dynamics, ac schnitzer and hamann all do performance mods, but i've never heard of anyone use them - at least, not in the predominantly american magazines i read.

thanks again! :)
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