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BMW F33 4 series convertible spied

BMW continues testing the F33 convertible. The 3 series convertible in the F3x chassis line up has been renamed the 4 series for both the folding hard top convertible and the fixed roof coupe. The 4 door F30 sedan and F31 sport wagon retain the 3 series naming. Naming changes aside the F33 will share much visually with the F30 sedan, including the wide fender to grill headlights and swooping hood design.


Borrowing from its predecessor the E93 the F33 4 series convertible has a three piece aluminum folding hard top that stows neatly in the trunk. The F32 and F33 will grow several inches over the outgoing E92 and E93 so expect an increase in trunk space for the convertible, even with the top down.

Anticipated power plants for the 4 series convertible include the N20 4 cylinder turbo engine found in the current F30 328i and a potentially power bumped N55 6 cylinder engine found in the current F30 335i. There is a potential the 435i could be re-branded as a 440i with a power increase, as the 640i uses the same N55 engine and gets the "40i" badging.

More pictures of the 2014 F33 4 Series Convertible

We are still at least 12 months from seeing the coupe and convertible from BMW but the camouflage will continue to drop off the test mules as we get closer to the final reveal. Stay tuned for more spy pictures as we capture them. Does anyone have an F33 convertible in their future?
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