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I've been driving my car around a bit to experiment with the clutch and see exactly how it behaves. In addition to the slipping I mentioned before, my clutch does other weird things.

So, I've collected a list of things that it does that don't seem normal to me:

-Clutch engagement point seems to change at times. Sometimes higher than others.

-Clutch feel changes almost at random...sometimes really soft (especially after long drives, even when there have been zero gear changes with no slipping of ALWAYS does this), sometimes hard and sticky (after sitting for a while, or when it's cold out). Doesn't grab hard when soft, but tends to slip for no apparent reason when applying a lot of throttle (see below).

-During normal driving, clutch slips AFTER engaged in gear, but NOT when in the process of engaging. For example, I will engage the gear without trouble, but if I put my foot to the floor the RPMs will climb normally for a second or so, then skyrocket (as if the clutch were slipping), and then suddenly grab and climb normally again. Releasing the throttle while clutch is slipping results in rpms quickly snapping down to the speed they should be at.

-Clutch pedal produces a popping sound on some occasions, especially when disengaging at high RPM. It's somewhat audible and you can definitely feel feels almost as though the car is pulling a suction cup off of a flat surface when you push the pedal, and there is an audible/tactile thud/pop when doing so.

-Clutch will not engage promptly when shifting quickly from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd. I think this is due to the CDV.

This is a complete compilation of my clutch problems. The car should be going in to the $tealer in a few days to fix some rattles and replace the windshield (took a rock on the freeway, state of FL is paying to replace it through my insurance). Has anybody else had one or more of these problems, what was the exact malfuction (worn disc, blown throwout bearing, bad flywheel, etc), and was it replaced under warranty? I am NOT under the maint. warranty anymore, but I have 5 months and 10k miles left on the regular factory warranty.

Edit: I did a search to see what other clutch problems people were having, and then checked to see if I was experiencing them. Some, like the low speed shuddering and popping, happen to my car.

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I've been experiencing some of the things you mentioned, popping noises, sometimes hard to engage in gears (1st, 2nd, & 3rd) and sometimes when the clutch pedal is pressed in, you feel as if something was rubbing as you release the pedal. I've spoken to the dealer for 4 years now (BTW happy birthday to my car :D ) and nothing. They did replace some part on the back part of the pedal that was plastic and it got rid of the popping noises. However, after awhile it happened again. They replaced it like 4 times.

When I installed the UUC SSK, it helped reduce the problems in changing gears, so you may want to check that option out.

Other than the above, I’ve had not other issues.
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