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You have an exact error code for the error you provided?

INPA is a bit difficult to understand, and therefore it would be better to use a universal scanner for this purpose. I also don't have one and I'm using INPA as well for diagnosing, but what INPA is showing and also how they are providing the data (in what range and in what format) can differ between the engine computers used for these engines, like M52TU and M54. Maybe even your INPA version has influence on this as well. But at the end also with INPA you can find the data you need.

I wil try to explain the meaning of the valuable things in the picture you shared. There are 3 important values here, which are:

  • Additive adaptionsfaktor - This is your long term fuel trim for idle engine speeds.
  • Multiplikative Adaptionsfaktor - This is your long term fuel trims for higher engine speeds
  • correction injection time - this is your short term fuel trim

It looks like your short term fuel trim and your long term fuel trim for idle positions (I'm assuming your screenshot is made while your engine was running idle) are way to high. This compared to your long term higher load engine speed fuel trims, I assume you have a vacuum leak somewhere. So my recommendation would be to get a smoke test done (or make a DIY smoke tester) and fix your vacuum leaks first. After that I think your engine should run a lot better!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts