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Misfire-problem 330i

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So the other day i changed my air filter from a ''sports filter'' back to original air filter.
The day after, i get a misfire code on cylinder 2 and 4.
I tried to switch coils on cylinder 2 and 4, but then i got a misfire on 5 and 6.

Today i read the codes again and it says misfire on cylinder 2 and 6.

I do not believe this is caused by the replacement of air filter, as the car drove fine right after, and i checked all the wires surrounding to see if i pulled something by accident.

I am not sure what to make of this.

Car: BMW 330xi 2003
Milage: 210.000km(130.000miles)
Coils have not been changed before as to my knowledge.
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Use your scan tool/software/app to record the following PIDs at hot idle and report back. That should give us a good idea on how the fuel system is working.
  • short term fuel trim bank 1
  • short term fuel trim bank 2
  • long term fuel trim bank 1
  • long term fuel trim bank 2
  • MAF in grams/second
  • RPM
  • coolant temperature in Celcius
If you already have the OBD Fusion app, then just capture a Diagnostic Report as that gets everything.
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SOLVED: Replaced coil-packs and sparkplugs.
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