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Hi all, new to forum but have found loads of help from lurking and reading past posts to fix my BMW.

Little bit of background on my car: Have a 2002 330ci manual, about 125k mi and as far as I can tell is pretty much original everything (except what I have done to it) brake buster vacuum whistle and all.

Recently it has formed a new bad habit. A number of the cylinders cut out while idling and sometimes driving. Car sounds awful, but does still run (kinda) as soon as you turn it off and back on it runs just fine until it does it again at a random time. Plugged it in to my little PA soft and got a page off error codes picture is attached, I think. It seems there are O2 sensor codes along with a misfire on every single cylinder and a misfire with cylinder cutout on 1,2,3, and 6, and running rich.

Not sure how to address this new issue but a number of the things that have been done to the car are:

ABS control unit rebuild (still does not work)
shocks and struts
suspension bushing
power staring rack (steering angle code ever present)
disa valve repair
spark plugs
crank case vent valve replacement
full fluid flush
motor mounts
fuel filter
new battery
a couple tanks with injector cleaner
Runs exclusively on premium (ouch)

Any advise is helpful. Thanks!


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Be careful with how you read and interpret those BMW Scanner 1.4 (the company was PA Soft) fault codes, which are in BMW-specific format and sometimes inverted descriptions. The red ones are legit codes while the yellow ones are simply pending. Most likely the engine is actually running lean, to the point that it misfires badly, then the DME gives up and just cuts off fuel to the misfiring cylinders. Although BMW Scanner 1.4 is great for many BMW-specific things, it's decidedly not great for fuel management problems.

I highly recommend you switch to a simpler and much more reliable tool for fuel management issues, namely the OBD Fusion app. It's less than $30 for both the wireless OBD standard adapter and the app, and can be used on any 1996+ car for troubleshooting. Check out its features, the adapters available, and how to set it up optimally in post #1 of this thread.

Once you're set up with that, do a Diagnostic Report at hot idle, export it somewhere, then post a link to it here. That report will show the fuel trims, MAF value, and trouble codes in an OBD standard Pxxxx format. Most likely we'll see very high positive fuel trims indicating either a large vacuum leak or a soft failing fuel pump.

Also, have a read through this right-of-passage thread authored by the esteemed jfoj.
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