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2000 328ci manual
Here is what I got.

DTC, dex[dec]
EF [239] Misfire, cylinder 2
01 [001] Activation, ignition, cylinder 2
02 [002] Activation, ignition, cylinder 4
A8 [168] Thermostat, map cooling, mechanical, stuck open

Same codes along with

7F [127] Activation, solenoid valve, suction-jet pump

Car is running rough. I can feel it in the gas pedal, and the stick. When I am easing the clutch out from a stop light the engine fumbles and shakes until the gear is fully engaged.

At a constant velocity it runs fine; when you accelerate you can feel the lack of power and a jerky/inconsistent acceleration.

Idle is also a bit rougher than usual.

Recent service/Background information:
I am at about 110,000 miles. Just got my spark plugs changed. I read NGK was the brand to buy so that is exactly what I got put in.
Last year around this time I had a lack of power and it would also shut off, and that turned out to be the upper intake boot. In diagnosing this problem I found the lower intake book to have a rip in the small junction feeding off the main hose. I replaced that, yet no difference. :banghead:

I have premium gas in the tank, and also recently put a couple ounces of Sea Foam.

I have done a few DIY, but being a college kid with a lack of tools I try not to get in over my head. I have seen many people suggest swapping the coils to see if the problem follows. Anyone second that motion? Can anyone refer me to a good DIY instruction if it is not too difficult?

I reside in Columbia, Missouri so if anyone is local and looking to make a buck I would be more than grateful to let you work some magic.

Any and all feedback is appreciated! I am tired of getting :censor: over at the local shops who dont know :censor:
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