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Minor Mods that EVERYONE can do! Well, atleast most of them (pics)

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Well, I was bored tonight and didn't feel like working on my grad. school hw. So I took my 2.1 mgpix camera and took some pictures. I apologize if some of the pic. quality is bad.

First off...I finally did my calipers red 2-3 weeks ago. I used the G2 Caliper Paint Set (ordered from Wheelskin.com)


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advan24r said:

Roughly $30 w/shipping from Circle BMW
thank you!
very nice mods. I dont think i will be installin any deck spoilers anytime soon though... haha

did you disconnect the entire caliper and everything to paint it??? if not, how did you know where to tape off. ive seen a few DIY's (one on zm3.net is good, but doesn't specify where NOT to paint).

Some mods that everyone SHOULD do, that you forgot (IMO) are the removal of those stupid airbag stickers on the sun visors and keyhole cover replacement. both are like 3 min mods.

Ok, to answer everyone's questions:

NoFlash...I did the online ordering. I inputted the numbers and sent the e-mail and they e-mailed me back and confirmed the parts. So try e-mailing or calling them

TpzBlu330ci...I've attached a pic for ya.

Mills...I just taped around the caliper and painted it. It's pretty logical on where to tape. You wouldn't want to tape the whole rotor just to paint the caliper, you have more control w/a brush vs. paint spray can.


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i think im gonna do the parcel net thing forsure when i get my car back
I know Simon. It'll be dropped soon enough. =) Awaiting for my Konis at SPP right now. :pimpin:
BMWilli i think i know that girl. A met her with a friend of mine. Their parents know each other...
car is looking Hot! Nice job! My new round of mods will have to go on asap to keep up with this board!!:yikes: So many new mods going on this winter for everyone. Don't want to be left out!:D
is it illegal to have euro liscence plate? just like it is to not have a front liscense plate?
Thanks Mark! Now your car looks NICE. I haven't even slammed mine or even put on my wheels yet.

Yes it is illegal to have an EURO license plate. But a cop would have to be really bored and have nothing else better to do to pull u over.
wow... good stuff.
there's so much you can do to your car

and that blue/red lights on the black m3... that's nice... although you must get hell from cops if you those on
here in glendale they are bored...they are really anal about all of those little things. white signals, no front plate, anything, if someone is crossing in the crosswalk and they are all the way across the street with only one foot left on the street...watch out if you make a right turn cause they will nail you.
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