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My buddy is taking orders to England from our current command and is looking at what to do with a vehicle once he transfers after he finishes his new command in England. Basically he wants to purchase a BMW 3-something and is looking for the best bang for his buck over seas. Here is a direct quote from him:
"I like the 320, 323, and 330. I don’t care much for the rest. Right now what I am seeing is (as an example) Silver ’04 320 Ci M Sport Coupe 2-door Manual w/ 49K miles is going for almost 15K USD. Too much? Also, do you hear of a lot of people importing these things?"

I know post tour it is possible to transfer a vehicle back stateside. The only thing I was thinking is that it is better to spend his money stateside for a 330i for 15k vice pay for the UK mark-up on the price tag.

The main thing I am looking for is an answer on the idea of reimporting a vehicle that is from England (ie right-hand drive) and how that works? I know there are some people on this forum that are military and have dealt with this situation before, so if someone can help us that would be fantastic! Our biggest obstacle is that right now we are deployed and it makes the whole internet-wide search thing pretty slow... Thanks!!!
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