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Michigan 330ci garage work?

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I figured this area would have the most views. I'm interested in finding a worthwhile shop in my area if someone from Michigan happens to find this. I'm not a fan of dealers and would love to find someone local-ish who is worth doing business with. Wouldnt matter to me if its a shop or just someone ypu know. I live between Saginaw and Flint and have the ability to get the car wherever it ends up. It's just to damn cold to work in my garage as its been around 5 degrees the past month.

Car issue lies somewhere with fuel system. I planned on starting with the filter and working my way up but as I said it's really cold here and I'm interested in getting it back on the road as I don't want to keep taking my 1986 ford back and forth to work as I just don't trust it for the trip.

Thanks to any and all help or suggestions. Maybe I'll find some new fanatics in the area.

Keyword: Mechanic needed in Michigan
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If your fuel pump and filter have not been changed... do it. Should only take a hour tops... Im doing mine this weekend. Also... if you DO have a garage, just buy a torpedo heater from home depot and return it when your done.
I never considered the torpedo option, I appreciate the advice. I did buy the parts already but met resistance from the cold and of course some michigan approved corroded clamps and screws with the filter. I have a small wood heater d tried to plastic off a section, the wind on the pole barn just doesn't get much heat to store up.
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