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I am replacing my door lock and had to disconnect the window from the window clamps. All the parts pretty much fell apart and i am not sure if i have retrieved them all from the door well and I am also not entirely sure how they go back together. I have a pretty good idea, but I'd like to get it right the first time. In all the DIY articles about the door lock actuator repair, I only found one little mention about these parts so either 1)they are really simple to put back together or 2) I messed something up and took it apart more than I needed to (which tends to be my MO)

I am especially curious about the orientation of the bushing (#11) in the diagram below. One end has a flange so that it will stop it from sliding all the way through the hole but I am not sure if this flange should be facing the outside of the door or the inside. Any diagrams or tips would be helpful. I am working on the rear clamp. I did not screw up the front clamp although I have faith that my tinkering could impact it.

BTW, this diagram was not easy to locate - if you need to find it, look under Vehicle Trim > Front Door on RealOEM.com.
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