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Hey whats up, everyone has been very helpful in this site and appreciate it. I purchased this convertible with the interior scratched up. I think it would be an easy fix. I have not tacled the obstacle yet and i wanted your guys opinion. The pervious owner had a dog which scratched up the back interior pretty bad. The seats are but the black leather has many scratches, slight rips and the dog bit up a few pieces of the leather as well. They small but small enough that they are noticable. I dont want to buy i new interior.


1. Can good detail and conditioning or anything in that matter get rid of the small rips?

2. What can i do with the little bit of pieces that are missing?

3. I went to a website and saw the back of the front seats wrapped with carbon fiber, i was thinking about doing that interior in the back as well as the back of my front seats.

Can i have your opinion. Does anyone have carbon fiber seats? Any pics out there? Any can do the job and ill pay them????

[/IMG]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="inte"></a>
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