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I replaced the engine filter today and figured I'd clean up under the hood. My dog tried to help hide the cloudy lenses in a shot I was going to share (and I guess will anyway)

So I used that as an excuse to go for a drive and grabbed a kit. It wasnt what I was after exactly so I figured I'd document it to see before and after. I went a little gung ho with the beers and became a photographer as well. This was $29 at Canadian Tire.

Box Contents

A good amount of shots I've ever posted usually come with comments about how the roundel and headlight lenses should be redone. I like instant gratification, and so I did the repair kit instead of new lenses. Heres the before finish up close.

First application is pretty scary. The bad goes to worse as far as clarity however you really have to spend some time on this part of the restoration. You're sanding out the stones and bugs you smashed apart at [insert speed here] for 10+ years. These lenses are most likely original to the car, and are definitely OEM as far as I can tell.

I didn't tape anything off like the instructions recommend. I didn't see the need as everything is done by hand at this point. Felt like I did this for an hour between them both.

Dried off the grit and grime from sanding with the cloth. Took some pics. This is after the 1000 grip sander only, right side only.

After the 3000 grit hand sanding, and first coat of the plastic x stuff they give you with the power drill & bit provided. Finally clearing up and nerves settling.

Second buff & coat.

Finished vs Unfinished. Also, I had no idea the housing for the projectors say Xeonon on them. I guess its good enough to read text you couldnt see if thats any value in a review.

I just liked this angle.

Finished both, lighting as well.

PS i'll trade anyone for the HID bulb in the passenger side for one truer to the drivers side. only 20 hours maximum on it.

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Looks a lot better. What bulbs are in the lows? It's always best to replace bulbs in pairs to keep the colors the same.
I was assured at Napa that it was the same bulb, but I understand they change over time. It bothers me, but not enough to toss out a perfectly good $170 bulb yaknow? Daily driver, and theres some other things I've got on the list before the bulb. Good advice though.

Edit: I may have overpaid... http://www.khoalty.com/bmw-e46-d2s-xenon-replacement-bulb.html

Old Milly Ice? c'mon ...

I think it's time to take your snow tires off.

Lenses look great btw. I just use wet sand paper, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000. Then 3m perfect-it 2 rubbing compound on my power buffer. Much faster than using a drill and costs much les than those "kits".
These are all things I don't currently own. All of the sanding was done by hand. Just the final buffing was done with the drill.

The OCD in me was quite bothered that you didnt tape anything off lol. I was a little worried for a sec, however the results turned out fantastic!

If you need new HID bulbs go check out www.vvme.com. They have HID kits for manufacturer pricing. Quality is quite good, but not the best in the world. They will last a fair while.
Always appreciate a good resource, thanks. Also, I usually am a little more OCD but again this was all done by hand so it was pretty well controlled. Didnt even have to tape off the corners.

AFAIK only facelift coupe like mine is not replaceable..

coupe, sedan, wagon preface and facelift sedan has a user replaceable lens that can be bought online.
Drop down menu shows a few different options. This car is an 04' sedan but shipping isnt free to Canada so took the budget option.

the compounds/chemicals used won't harm the paint (could probably even polish with it, not that i recommend it) so there is no need to tape unless you are worried your hand will slip while sanding. It might make a mess and get on the windows but that's why I wash the car over again after any sort of machine polishing to any part. The most important thing to avoid is getting any compound or polish on unpainted black plastic...it'll come out but it can be a pain especially if it dries in the sun, so if any slings wipe it up quickly with instant detailer or the soap solution you are using.
Yea I wasnt too concerned about the little piece of plastic below the lense. Quick wipe now and again (since you're doing it anyway every few minutes).

Happy with cost, happy with results for what it is.
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