For $2600 you get what MCS sent me when I bought the dampers: 4 dampers, 4 adjustment knobs, 2 collar wrenches, and 2 pairs of locking collars along with the MCS instructions paperwork.

I bought the rear dampers a little over 2 years ago, they have about 10k highway miles (now). Last year I ordered the front dampers and noticed one of the rears were weeping oil so I had it rebuilt (mcs said debris got past their seals and replaced everything).

I had purchased additional collars for the rear damper and tried many combinations of springs in the course of the past year and settled on 6k swift springs on all corners with the rear dampers used as coil-overs instead of the oem divorced spring setup.
If you'd like the collars and upper spring perch to use the rears as coil-overs, I can provide the parts for an additional $250 (includes 2 pairs of locking collars, 2 upper spring mounts, Spherical Rear Shock Mounts - to convert rear to true coil)

To run the rear damper as a proper Coil-Over , you need a long spring since it’s got so much droop, so I have two pairs of 8 inch 6k swift springs and one pair of 8 inch 8k swift springs, I personally preferred the 6k swift springs on all 4 corners. If you’re not interested in running them as true coil rears, I can give you an adjustable rear spring perch from H&R and I have a 6 inch 750lb hyperco pair of springs you can run in the rear as a divorced setup.

Springs for sale - each pair is $140
Hyperco 6" x 750lb x 2.25"
Swift 7" x 10k x 60mm
Swift 8" x 8k x 60mm
Swift 8" x 6k x 60mm - two sets

The dampers have only seen one track day and at beginner level... so they’re barely used ¯\(ツ)

Located in San Jose, CA. Local pick up preferred but will ship at your expense.

Contact me at 510-556-8987