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hi everyone. i have a 2001 330ci with manual transmission.

am in the middle of installing the master cooling kit. getting ready to install new radiator, hoses and expansion tank.

in the box that contained the new radiator, there was a a plastic bag with three O-rings (two larger and one smaller) and also a plastic plug with a drain screw.

i'm not sure where these O-rings and plastic plug go or if they are just extra parts that are included in case a person needs, um, extra parts.

the hoses seem to already have O-rings inside them and i did not see any additional O-rings when i took all the old parts/hoses out of the car.

the plastic plug with the drain screw...there seems to be one just like it already installed on the new radiator, albeit with a black colored plug instead of a blue plug.

do the larger O-rings go where the upper and lower radiator hoses connect to the radiator (as indicated by the blue and green lines in the picture)?

is the "sealing O-ring" as indicated by the BMW service manual (the red line), is this O-ring the smaller of the three O-rings that came with the new radiator?

finally, in the picture where the old radiator bracket attaches to the new radiator, is there an O-ring necessary at this location to prevent leaks?

thanks a bunch.

j eng
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