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Manual Transmission Fluid Type

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I hate digging up old threads, but as I am the OP, I guess I'll let it slide :hi:

I'm finally getting around to changing out the manual transmission fluid and can't find the capacity ANYWHERE. Even the owner's manual doesn't list the capacity as it says it's a "Lifetime Fluid." I know I just need to fill it until it slowly drips out of the fill hole (being level of course), but for purchasing purposes, how much does it take?


I'm beginning to feel some "notchy-ness" in my 1st and second gear, so I'm going to replace the fluid next week. I've heard of people using Royal Purple and saying it is a bad choice, so I'm looking to use the tried-and-true Redline fluids.

Here is my question. Some people recommend the MT-90 (along with pelicanparts.com) while I read a lot of places that say the 75W90 GL-5 Gear Oil is correct. The Redline application guide recommends D4 ATF and doesn't even list the MT-90! :facepalm:

What have you guys had success with?

Edit: 2004 E46 325CI coupe M54 5-speed manual
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I put D4-ATF in mine 20k miles ago and have had no issues. Now that I'm not using "lifetime" fluid, I plan on changing it every 30k miles.

Solidjake is adamantly against using ATF, and I respect his opinion, but I've had no issues.

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No idea what you are referring to or talking about
It was this exchange from last year, when I was trying to figure out whether or not to use Redline D4 ATF.

My friend had redline put into his manual trans, says he hates it and that even in hot temps the shifting is a lot different compared to OEM fluid.
I'm getting ready change my tranny and diff fluids. Originally, I was going to stay with BMW, but the cost is so high that I'm switching to Red Line D4 ATF for the tranny and Red Line 75W90 for the diff.

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Don't do it man, that's my opinion. My friend is paying up and going back to OEM. He really hates the redline trans fluid and he's been driving manual cars his whole life. He can really tell the difference with it and it's for the worst.
Sorry, took this quote out of context apparently. When you said "Don't do it man, " I took that to mean you were adamantly against it. :hi:

Like I said, I value your opinion. I thought long and hard before using Redline D4 ATF.
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