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Manual swap wiring

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Hey all,
Nearing the end of my 5 speed swap but have one last problem. When I removed the automatic shifter it was in drive which was my mistake and was wondering if anyone had insight on the wiring?

I looked through the wiring on other swaps on the forums but could not find any where they had to bypass the neutral safety switch.

Thanks in advance
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What's the issue? Car won't start because it thinks it's in gear? Any plans on coding out the A/T in the computer?
Yes. That MUST be wired up before trying to start the car. You don't need reverse lights to start the car. But wire up the NSS at the clutch

Edit: Actually I think you can bypass the NSS by jumping some pins on the AT wiring harness if in a pinch. But do it right, do it once :)
Would you lose cruise control functionality if you coded it out? Or would it only code out the start up sequence needed for the ews?
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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