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would fiberglass keep the heat out?

and does the bend matter? ive seen a straight one.. 60 degree.. 90 degree.. ect.. which would work best?
im not sure how good fiberglass would keep heat out...they way i did mine keeps heat out like a masterpiece, after a long trip i put a hand on both sides of the shield and the temp difference is insane! the filter side is nice, cool and fresh, and the engine side is almost too hot to touch...

and i dont think that the bend matters that much, because think of the OEM airbox... the air comes in makes a 90 turn towards the bottom then makes another 90 degree turn up and through the filter then finds its way into the MAF...im thinking any sort of bend is more efficient than the stock airboxes...

hes a link to my creation...

41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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