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I have aftermarket headers with a Magnaflow full exhaust. I liked it at first but I would like my car to be a bit more quiet now... Since I still have my stock exhaust (just the last section) I was thinking of only replacing the magnaflow exhaust by the stock exhaust hoping it will quiet down the car a bit (so keeping the magnaflow mid muffler+piping).

Do you guys think it makes sense? I would've changed it back to a full stock exhaust with piping and resonators but I only have the stock exhaust left for now.

Having said that I have a few concerns. The magnaflow piping diameter just before the exhaust is larger than the stock exhaust connection. My mechanic will be able to weld them together, but will it be a problem to have a larger diameter piping than the exhaust? Also, will the car be quieter enough to be worth it? I don't mind maybe losing a couple of HP...
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