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made a stupid mistake. help needed

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Hi, I was in a hurry yesterday to hang a suit in my car before a party. I couldn't get the hook open since I pushed the bottom half of the hook instead of the top half. I thought it was stuck or something. Stupid of me, I pried it open with my fingers. Of course, as you would expect something was broken during the process. I heard a faint click when the hook was eventually fully opened. And now the hook isn't able to return to its orignal closed position anymore. Anyone knows which part I should get from the dealer to fix the problem? A DIY instruction on how to replace the broken part will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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i thinh that whole piece just clips out. you can pull it out and just replace it with the new one for like $5 or so.

just explain to the parts dude at the dealer what piece it is and he'll search for the part without having the part number
there isn't enough space to pull it out though

I will check with my dealer's parts dept. to see what part it should be. I am reluctant to go there because my car is still under warranty, I might just have them replace it if I cannot figure it out myself. I will have to play dummy though and tell them I don't know what happened to the hook :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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