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For those of you using a MacBook as your carputer, I wanted to share with you a 'program' my brother made for me. What it does is this... When the MacBook stops getting power from the MagSafe Connecter, the computer will run for 60 seconds before going to sleep. when it gets power, it will wake from sleep and run as it did before.

(as some of you know setting the MacBook to sleep after 1 min on battery power doesn't work)
Here is a link for a dl :)


Just to share with everyone aswell, my ' carputer' runs a little something like this.

-I have an inverter connected to the fusebox so when the ignition is on, the inverter will turn on.

-There are 2 things connected to the inverter a dlink router, and my MacBook.

-When the car turns on the router creates a network in the car which my MacBook and my iPod Touch automatically connects to.

-The iPod is running the Apple Remote app (which allows me to control my iTunes library) , and my computer is running iTunes, and the program my brother made for me.

-The MacBook is connected to a USA Spec-12 to run audio to my HK speakers.

-I can then control my whole iTunes library from my iPod Touch flawlessly.

The only problem with this setup is the load time for the router to create the network, and the time it takes for the iPod to connect to the computer. overall its about 1-2 mins. Which is nothing when you need it for long drives. Its inconvenient for short drives though. But you can just connect the iPod directly to the dock connecter for those.

Let me know if you need any more info.

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that sounds like a nice set up.
i'm running a normal mini computer
intel 1.8 dual core 2 HT

are you using a touch screen up front or a single din deck?

i see you also live in toronto i've been interested in putting my macbook in my car. we should check out each others set ups
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