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Hello guys,

I'm a first time poster, but a lot of threads here helped me and my friends solve some problems on our BMWs, so I wanted to thank all who share their knowledge.

Now, to my problem, I have the dreadful P0014 error code. When i bought my E46 320i FL (2.2l M54 engine, 2003) the vanos was not working.
I changed the camshaft position sensor with an aftermarket one and it didn't change anything but after i cleaned the exhaust solenoid and piston the vanos started working.

For some reasons i won't go into i had to rebuild my engine and after the rebuild i remember the vanos worked for some time (i don't remember exactly if it did or not because it was quite some time ago) but eventually it stopped working and the P0014 error appeared (the engine runs great after rebuild).

Thinking it was the solenoid again, i cleaned it a few times but no luck so i bought the vanos seals, the anti-rattle kit and a new aftermarket solenoid and replaced them but the error persists.
I read online that aftermarket CPS are known to fail fast so I replaced it with the OEM CPS the car came with but still the vanos won't work.

I have 3 final things i would like to try:
1. change the vanos oil line (it might be clogged and cause low oil pressure; see below in bold)
2. swap the solenoids to see if anything changes (it may be a DOA part)
3. check the timing (i read if the timing is not right, it may cause the vanos to throw error codes; but the engine is smooth and makes no weird noises; is it possible this is the problem even if the engine runs good?)

One confusing thing is, if i start the car with my foot on the gas pedal (as in starting it and holding for 1-2 seconds the RPM above 1500) the vanos starts working and does so till the engine is turned off (no matter how many miles/km or how many hours i drive), but if i start it normally it won't work at all (it doesn't matter if the engine is hot or cold, same for the outside temp).

Do any of you have any suggestions or ideas to try? Did you guys hear about someone who had the same problems?

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