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2005 330xi
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05 330xi

Hello sorry if this has already been asked. I looked at a few topics but I'm not sure which part to replace first, I ran the INPA test and the fan powers on fine but not at startup like it's supposed to and at idle it overheats after like 15 minutes or so. The thermostat seems to work because when I shut it off and threw some water on the front of the radiator and turned it back on it cooled back down a bit.
So what I'm asking is what part could cause this failure?

Edit: no Check engine light and turning on A/C does nothing but make it hotter quicker

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A/C no worky?

PA soft solved this for me- if you scan, you'll find a fan fault.

One possible cause, to add to the excellent fan guide of Bali, above:

Locate the connector on the passenger side of the radiator-
it should have 2 heavy conductors and a few smaller ones.
The smaller wire that controls the fan controller was TOO SHORT in
some later cars, so it takes the weight of the entire harness,
and eventually breaks. I think it's green. First, the conductor inside
the wire fails, allowing the insulation to stretch. Eventually, the insulation
breaks, revealing that the wire was about an inch (!!!!) too short.
Easy fix is to splice in a chunk of wire.

This one confused me at first, when ours failed-
who would cut an inch out of the wiring harness???

Then I started noticing the same thing in various stages in junkyard cars...

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