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Hi Everyone,

long time reader, first time poster.

I have a 1999 328Ci with the M52 Engine..

I've recently noticed that the engine is pinging quite often under normal operating conditions. It usually happens when i'm driving at normal city speed, say 50km/h (30mph) and just ease on a bit of power so as not to downchange but the engine loads up and accellerates. I can make it hapen also by putting it in Drive and holding my foot on the brake while squeezing on some power and loading the engine.

Now here's the weird part. Most would say I'm using the wrong fuel. I Live in New Zealand where we have three fuel grades:

91 RON
95 RON
98 RON

I have religiously run all of my cars AUDI, Mercedes-Benz) on 95 RON with absolutely no problem. I have tried 98 RON in the BMW to see if this solves the problem but it doesnt make an effect. A good independant auto electrical shop put it on the scanner and it isn't throwing any codes.

Here's the strange bit. I bought a bottle of octaine booster from the local REPCO and added it to the tank. Pinging stopped. So I phoned my local BMWE dealerhip and of course they want to get it in for assessment etc.. They said pinging was not common and I even should be able to run it on 91 RON (not that I would) without a problem. They mentioned possible crank or camshaft sensor. I'm reluctant to take it there and have them start replacing bits on a trial and error basis until they find something.

I'm just wondering if anyone has solved this problem? I've read a few posts on here but haven't been able to draw a conclusion.

Any comments or help would be appreciated.
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