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Hi fellow enthusiasts!

I have been searching on forums for it a long time but have not found any info about this kind kind of swap.
I am going to swap my 2.0d engine for a m54b30 and the one part that I am stuck with is the wiring to the DME.
There is a different kind of connector to the DME on m47 than m54.
I understand that I will need to cut the wires coming from the body to the DME and solder on the connectors for MS43.
As I have a donor car that is running, there should not be a problem with it.
The only issue for me is that I cannot find the pinout for m47 DME.
The DME is this one: 7789327 0281010565

So my fellow enthusiasts, do you maybe have knowledge on where to find the pinout for this DME?
I have checked the Bentley manual, but nothing like that is in there.

I will really appreciate your responses. :)
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