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Today I have connected my 1998 BMW E46 1.8 with M43TUB19 87kw engine with manual transmission to inpa software to read fault codes, etc. Nothing was found in error memory. I have cleared the adaptations only. And then the problems came up:

1: The RPM started to behave strange. For example if i move few meters with 1st gear and then depress cluch RPM drops down to about 500 then normalises.
2: Lack of power until about 3000RPM, then suddenly car like "jumps" and there are like no lack of power it drives normally at higher RPM.
3: In that range between 1000 and 3000 RPM where is lack of power throttle response is strange. When throttle is depressed within 40-50% car jerks, after 50-60% of throttle it stops to jerk and starts to drive a little bit better but not good.

I came back to garage, connected inpa again, searched for trouble codes. Nothing. Then I have started to search for something unusual in analog values. I came up with not normal engine load and ignition angle.

What can cause this problem? I think that bad ignition angle effects the engine load parameter. Any thoughts where to start first to solve this problem?

Timing chain is fitted right, it was checked when I changed my valve cover gasket (when it was removed I have decided to check it to make sure)

ignition angle is 15-17 at idle
engine load is 130-180 at idle

Before that car worked normal, but sometimes there was the problem with RPM like I have already mentioned in #1 and lack of power sometimes.
After that i came home (about 20km) and in the parking lot it was normal again, I think it adapted somehow with than angle.

My recent jobs to this car:
Changed Air, fuel,oil filters and oil
changed spark plugs
Measured compression - 11-12 bar in all cylinders
changed coolant
checked crank case ventilation valve, tubes.
Cleaned throttle body, mass air flow sensor

Huge sorry for my bad english!


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