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John from jersey said:
same for me a 911 or 996.... is what i have my heart set on for the next ride or possibly a CLK55 if it's ever produced in a manual
John, I'm getting the feeling you are migrating over the p-car end, very nice:thumbup: Although I only had a 2002 boxster, I still got a sense of Porsche's ethos and they produce a very high-quality product. On that note, im sure u know the new 997's are going to be deployed at the end of 2003, and even more interesting(for the time being at least) is that they will be bringing back the GT3 next spring in the 996 chassis. I would take the GT3 over a GT2 or Twin Turbo any day of the week, nothing like a ~370HP NA engine with a full race suspension and brakes from the factory, (Since its a few hundred pounds lighter, im picturing you are in Turbo/GT2 Power-to-Weight ratios) I've heard there is almost nothing one can do to improve the cars suspension/brakes/handling and so forth, but we'll just have to wait and see...

Oh yeah, asking price for the GT3 should be ~100k
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