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Cadillac was spotted testing their new ATS-V at the Nürburgring recently. Usually most test laps look pretty quick, but the ATS-V looked to be in even more of a hurry, taking to the air repeatedly on a section of the track.

The ATS was originally aimed at the BMW 3 Series, however something with a bit more kick would be necessary to go up against the likes of the M3 and M4. Going by the video below, Cadillac’s ATS-V looks like it could be up for the task. The ATS-V sounds like it’s packing six-cylinder power, rather than V8, but it definitely doesn’t look like a slouch. It looks quite composed at what looks to be near full tilt. Take a look at the video.

Watch the new Cadillac ATS-V Sedan undergoing tests at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In this video you can clearly hear the V6 3.6-liter Twin Turbo engine of the ATS-V which will probably produce around 425 bhp. The car was pushed really hard by the test drivers, it even completely lifted its 4 wheels several times at the section of the Nordschleife called ‘Flugplatz’.

Source AutoSpies
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