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M3 intake and spark plug...

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What do you think about spark plug upgrade?
200$ for about 10 horses...not bad huh?

Has anyone have any idea about two intakes, GroupM and Dinan(will come out soon)?
Which one should be better performancewise?


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the only product I know of that would get you those numbers in the sparkplug arena is the plasma coil upgrade, yes I know we have seperate coils per cylinder. however that upgrade will run you closer to 1k. I have really been debating this one considdreing all other modifications done to the car.
true, it'll cost a whole lotta money for the 'ignition soulutions' plasma coils, but the payoffs are really great if you have any kind of engine mods. the spark is stronger and more of them especially at high RPM where it is needed for the few hard drivers out here.

kinda like the MSD7LA ignition with a Billet HEI rotor(the rest is a seceret):eeps: :D well thats on the dragster. but it still applies, more spark gets those last few hiding horses out.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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