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M3: Hit 1200 miles this morning!

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FINALLY! Tomorrow morning (monday), I will have my 1,200 mile service appointment to have all my fluids drained and replaced. Is there anything I should know besides not going above 137 MPH until 3100 miles (I don't intend on going that fast any time soon, unless I'm headed to Vegas). I've been a really good boy and haven't taken my car past 5,500 RPMs and not past 105 MPH. I maybe hit 6K RPMs by accident on 2 or 3 occasions, but that's it.

Can I just take my baby all the way up to 8,000 RPMs or should I gradually take it there in the next couple hundred miles or so??? I just want to make sure to do this right.

Let the "Sport" button pressing begin! :pimpin:
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after 1200 floor that biatch!!!!!
man stop posting and tear that schit up already:thumbup: rip through first, chirp second, and be on your way!!!!
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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