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M3: Hit 1200 miles this morning!

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FINALLY! Tomorrow morning (monday), I will have my 1,200 mile service appointment to have all my fluids drained and replaced. Is there anything I should know besides not going above 137 MPH until 3100 miles (I don't intend on going that fast any time soon, unless I'm headed to Vegas). I've been a really good boy and haven't taken my car past 5,500 RPMs and not past 105 MPH. I maybe hit 6K RPMs by accident on 2 or 3 occasions, but that's it.

Can I just take my baby all the way up to 8,000 RPMs or should I gradually take it there in the next couple hundred miles or so??? I just want to make sure to do this right.

Let the "Sport" button pressing begin! :pimpin:
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Anyone know if there is actually anything magical about the 1200th mile or if this is just a general range?

It's my understanding that the engine keeps track of the mileage and behaves differently as time goes by, so it's not impossible for there to suddenly be a big difference.
Karl said:
1200 miles is just a figure where they're 100% sure that any break-in processes have finished. From 1200, you should gradually increase your max RPM over the course of another 1200-2000 miles.
That's what I figured. Just curious though... Do you know this for sure (from BMW engineers, etc) or are you just guessing?

Sure. I'm not suggestion that I won't follow the suggestions.

I was just wondering if the engine actually flips some kind of switch at 1200 miles. It may sound silly, but it's not impossible. I've read that the engine computer does behave differently after reaching certain mileages. I don't know this for a fact though.

Just wondered if anyone knew for sure.

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