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M3 Fog Bulb Replacement Inst.

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Is there any free publications on how to replace a M3 Fog light bulb?
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Not to jump in on a thread, but I would also appreciate instructions for an E36. Only after riuster gets his. :thumbup:
It's pretty easy to take out. First take off the black trim


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2nd just use the BMW wrench thing that comes with it


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the part u unscrew is in that small stripe thing u see on the inside more part


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You the man....its a 9006 bulb. right?

I just wanted to change the Bulb to a Hoen, so just remove the black trim, then use a wrench to undo the casing...and the bulb is entirely exposed for replacement..that easy.....huh...

What about the 3 series day time running lights did you change that, as well.and got any picture instructions....

I really appreciate this. Thank you.
also..what bulb size is the M3 day time running light....the yellowish...dull bulbs..are quite DULL..ya know..
Fogs are 9006 and I believe the high's are H7s
very nice...anyone on the Daytime running light bulb..and replacement instr.?
H7s....is it difficult to install...im pretty sure that there is a rubber cap..just remove...etc..etc..and replace....ill look for it...thank you very much...to all..
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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