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BMW took the manufacturer trophey at Targa Newfoundland this year thanks to plenty of representation. A couple of E46 M3 were entered, including our Alpine White '03. What an amazing race, and we did quite well thanks to the amazing E46 (still my favorite M3 of all time.

The "official" results are now in: We ended up 2nd in modern class behind a pro team (that's run the event 5 times already), 3rd overall out of 60 some cars entered. Our raw times put us ahead of all the "faster" open class cars, and 2nd overall in outright speed. And yes, this was my first competition, my first time as a co-driver and we did not run a rally computer. I'm damn proud of the team! The E46 M3 with 90k on the odo and very little mods (VRPerformance in Michigan prepped the car, including the full roll cage) ran flawlessly-- I think we're the only team that did not have to work on the car all week (we did bleed the brakes about a 1000k into the event). Which is amazing considering how brutal some of the stages were-- we had all four wheels off the ground a few times, and some corners in the town stages were so tight, we had to rotate the car via throttle input (tail-out hooniganism, in other words) Bill Caswell is an amazing fast driver, and more importantly SMART driver-- which is why the car did not break, and we did not fly into the ocean around a blind curve. I haven't seen reaction times so fast in my life. He also taught me how to co-drive on the fly as we were running the stages. By mid-week we were in sync and on point. We ran 3 GoPros during most stages, so we have lots of video-- all being edited right now. We also had a journalist from European Car following us, and he's planning a story about the Targa, the M3 and us for a future issue-- keep an eye on the news stand...

Just goes to show, treat the car right and its as robust as a tank and as fast as any sports car out there!
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