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LSD options for 168k (small case)

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I recently welded my differential, but I'm experiencing some issues. When my car has a lot of grip on the rear, the 100% lock tends to cause understeer. Additionally, in everyday use, the welded differential makes it harder to turn on tightly corners and requires more power.
I'm considering replacing it with an LSD kit, specifically RacingDiffs LSD. Has anyone had experience with this kit or can recommend another option?

RacingDiff team said me that on small case Diffs the lock should estimated at max 20% (is enough to drift?)
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I don’t have my personal experience but I also wanted to install RacingDiffs LSD conversion kit into my 188mm diff. Until I personally met with a guy who had it in his 330i. It worked as a device that added more traction (going out of the corner or roundabout, tight turns or even straight line acceleration), there were less one-wheel peels. But the friction area on the “clutches” is very small and lock up was inconsistent. He had to push it hard to do occasional drift or have some fun. This caused more wear on it and it stopped working after like 20 000kms. Which is very low amount in my eyes. It is what it is, the idea isn’t bad but I changed my mind on this. You will destroy it in a short time if you will be drifting it often.
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