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So just yesterday, i was letting the car idle, when all of a sudden there’s this clanking clattering noise. I go over, try to see what’s up, turn off the car, etc. When i started the car next, the noise was gone. Since then, it’s become a nonstop noise that goes away depending on how high the RPM’s are. I’ve gotten suggestions ranging from debris in the cats (clogged catalytic converter) to belt tensioner, to the one i hate hearing the most, a bad timing chain.

The car is an ‘02 330i, and it’s an automatic, so i believe that rules out any clutch related issues but hey what do i know? Another thing to note is my power steering has been empty for a long while now, and while i doubt this is the issue, i’m willing to fill it back up to see if that will fix it. (leaking hose that i never bothered to fix, power steering lasts about a day or two before being empty again).

My oil levels are fine, everything like that. I don’t believe it’s valve related but i’ve had a quiet clicking in the past due to low oil. I’ll link a video in this, and it’s gotten louder since, so any help before it just decides to blow up would be greatly appreciated!

link to my ticking time bomb:
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