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Lots of pics- Disabled Front Corner + Rear Fog

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I took some pictures of my car with front corner ligh disabled (no fault code in the dashboard and will blink nice and slow like stock), and some home made mod - rear fog light.

Forgot to mention that those are LED 10,000mcd Angel eyes.

got questions about any of these three goodies.. PM me...


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You can see the side marker stays on, in place of the front corner light



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some camera effect

Canon S200 kicks asss..hehehe


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Front light looks so clean without front signal light

See how beautiful it is without those yellow amber corner lightss...


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Blue LED 10,000mcd

Damn that's ssooo blueee...
I might change that to white.. Dont' want to attract police..


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BGReddy00 said:
do you have any pics with both lights off I bet that would look nicccce at night
Both lights??? are you being sarcastic?:flipoff: :D
HAHAHAHAHAH ... Yeahhh. I need some boba... .. I am Viet. ...
Clem... the side marker will stay on like a parking light. However, i can make it so it doesn't stay on either. just diff. options.

Allright.. Here is the DIY for you guys...

Fog lights:
-dig holes where your new bulbs will go into.
-wire to the available spot on the stock hardness. You have to come up with your own crimpiing.. I had mine way.. so it looks stock.
- run wires thru the trunk to the black plastic hose to the trunk. ...Then now you can be creative on how to run it to you rear light.
-Find a 5 volt source (pin 1 and 6). Tap it in there. Voilaa.....

Disabled front corner light: -make sure you do, so that it's reversible.. just incase you have to sell your car.

-switch place of the front signal light and side marker
-Use Power resistor of 20W to wire parallelly to the new side marker. Thus, computer will not display fault code in the dashboard.

Alright.. I think that's everything you need to DIY these mods. I charge people ( a bunch of E46fan.. you know who you are..heheh) a flat 50 bucks to do the installation (materials and stuff included). So if you live in Orange county, or wherever,..bring your car by. I would love to do it for you for free, but time is money. Additionally, I can't do it for free, since there are 100's of you out there wanna get these mods. Also, I need mod for my car too..hehehehe..... .. Pm me if you interested.
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