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Looking for M50/M52 for e30 Swap

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What I need:

-clean motor (one of us is going to test compression before the purchase)
-all accessories working - that means alternator, PS pump, alternator
-includes engine harness
-includes intake mani, throttle body, intake stuff
-prefer to have e34 oil pan already(ie pulled from a 525)
-if you have the ECU, MAF, intake, ect that great but its not a deal breaker.

I prefer the NV M50, but I will consider all 24V engines.

what I dont need:
-junk engines
-non running engines
-engine parts

Price range is 300-400 for just the motor and stuff listed above. I am hunting on my own but figured i would put this here in case something slips through my searches.

Note: if you have an e36 parts car I might also be interested, as I can probably take the engine and part the rest of it myself in that case I am looking for a <$700 car.
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Adam is selling his M54. Do it!
did he ever managed to swap it into the e30? I have no clue how to make it drive....
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