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I have a HK system now, and I'm happy with the sound as it is. However, what I do want to do is be able to play MP3s. Pardon my ignorance of the terminolgy, I have never upgraded my stereo before. I'm also not really sure where to even begin searching. Are there any sites that have a buyers guide, that will sort what options you want, and then will list what is available?

This is a break down of what I'm looking for:

-New head unit that is compatible with the rest of the HK system

-The display must match the red color of the rest of the interior lights

-I would like to keep it below or around $400 - $500 (if possible)

-Will play MP3s

-It would be nice if it was sleek and inconspicuous when powered down. I think there is a Sony that folds away and is just glossy black?

I checked out Crutchfield and came up with a list. Does anyone care to help widdle this down?

Sony CDX-MP40
Clarion ProAudio DXZ735M
Panasonic MXE CQ-DFX983
Panasonic MXE CA-HX1083
Alpine CDA-7894
Alpine CDA-9813
Blaupunkt Los Angeles
Clarion ProAudio DXZ835MP
Kenwood KDC-MP822
Sony CDX-MP70
Alpine CDA-7995

Any thoughts, comments, opinions? Please feel free to let me know if there is more information I should provide. Thanks in advance!

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I have no problem changing out the stock dock. I called Crutchfield and they said that they have no information on the 2002 330. So they have no idea what will work and what won't.

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Get an Alpine CHA-S634 6-Disc CD/MP3 changer.

You can plug it in to the pre-wired wiring harness for the cd changer in the trunk using a Soundgate adapter.

You'll be able to use your steering wheel controls and still keep your original head unit.

I did this install except I used the OEM cd rack and panel on the left side of the trunk:

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