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Locks Work Sporadically

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Ok, so I hate that my first post on here has to be a negative one, but the locks on my car on are not working.

Basically, when I go out to unlock my car using the remote, most of the time they unlock fine and everything is just fine. Sometimes its just the driver side that unlocks and the only way I can get the rest to unlock is by pulling the door handle from the inside. And then the worst of all the problems that happened to me three times today is this. Pressing the button on the remote does nothing. Manually trying to unlock them using the key in the door does nothing. The interior lights do some on when I press the unlock button though, and I can hear a click in the door like it is trying to unlock, but can't.

So far I have had to hold down the unlock button until the windows roll down and then crawl in through the window. Pulling the door handle from the inside does nothing when this happens. Starting the car and driving a bit then stoping and putting it in park does nothing.

Eventually, the locks will start to work again as usual, but this problem makes its self known again all to soon. I just got this car used as a christmas present. It has ~196k miles and is a 2000 (1999 manufacture date) BMW 323i. There are a few other things wrong with the car, but I will post those later as this is the only thing that is a really big issue. Im sorry thats such a long post, but I figured that all of that information was needed to correctly diagnose the problem. Thanks in advance for the help.
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this is the exact same thing that keeps happening to mine..
i read a thread about it somewhere on here so use the search tab and find it

Most likely your GM5 module has bad relays, the age of the car it is most likely the cause.

You NEED to fix the broken link in your drivers door lock before you get totally locked out of your car due to a dead battery or some other problem!!

Search ebay both in the US and UK/Europe for the replacement door lock mechanisms. They are cheap and easy to replace. I do not think you can get the small parts in the US from BMW, probably need to get the entire door handle??

As these cars get close to 8-10 years old the relays in the GM5 modules go bad. Just step up and send your module to Scott at www.bmwgm5.com and he will sort you out and you will be back in business.
Yea, thats what I was thinking it might be, a GM5 issue. Is there anyway to make sure this is the problem before I send it off to the guy at bmwgm5 for repair?
Sounds like a "classic" GM5 module issue. The relays go bad. The door lock actuators, but with age of your car, the GM5 relays NEED to be replaced anyway. Then if you still have problems, you can address the door lock actuator(s).

If you go to www.bmwgm5.com there is a lot of good info there.

Sometimes a weak battery, usually with a bad cell can cause similar issues, BUT like I said, you need the GM5 relays replaced anyway at the age of your car, trust me.

You also better fix your key lock soon as well. If you ever get fully locked out of your car, you are really screwed with a BMW!! If you battery dies or your keyfob quits working, you WILL be SORRY!!

$26 on ebay, but from Turkey. I have not used this seller, but I have purchased from outside the US many times with good luck. This sellers feedback looks pretty good for the number of items sold.

I have a GM5 for sale in the classifieds that will work in your cars. Great price..free shipping. Works 100%!

Just send your GM5 to Scott and have him fix it. He did mine earlier this week and he was fast and it's hassle-free. If you buy a used GM5 you'll have to take it to the dealer to have them re-code it for your car, which from other threads I've seen costs more than just having Scott fix your existing one.

I tried the "sandpaper" method others have described, but it's so much hassle for a temp fix I just said screw it. $90 is a steal to get it fixed properly.

^+1 Agree with the above poster on this one.

Used module may work for now, but who knows when you will have the same issues pop up again, but new relays will last another 8-10 years.

I have a pair of spare relays in my toolbox when my GM5 starts to play up.
li got the same problem my both doors dont unlock plus my fuel-cap but now my tank is empty, the meter is all the way down.
is there any option to get lid loose in a other way so i can drive to the gas station and fuel up?
i dont wanna go to work with the bus this week :p
SEARCH, RTFM, Owners Manual.

There should be a manual gas flap release in the trunk of your car!

Touring I think they are behind the side cover panel?
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